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Our Approach

Every business has a story and we are here to help you tell it. 
We use a three step process to help achieve your communication goals and reach more customers.

We do this by creating a cohesive message across multiple medias including motion graphics, video production, social media marketing and web design and development.

Discovery Strategy Execution


We start by reviewing all your goals and current materials. This helps  us provide guidance and recommendations.

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  • Review your current content

    We will start by reviewing all your goals and current content including all branding and digital assets. This allows us to provide guidance and recommendations regarding copy, imagery,  and overall UX (user experience).

  • Perform a competitive analysis

    Knowing who your competition is, and what they are doing (better or worse than you) will help identify techniques to use or avoid. Performing a competitive analysis will allow for us to compile a list of techniques and design choices that can positively impact your content.

  • Identify your customer base

    All design (motition or interactive) should always have you customer in the forefront of your mind. Knowing you customer’s age, demographic and interests will help us create content catered specifically to their wants and needs.



Once we establish your goals, we put together a plan on how to achieve them utilizing all of the services we offer.

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  • Create a cohesive message

    Nothing says “amateur” like an inconsistent message. We will craft digital campaigns that use the same marketing language and imagery to ensure that no matter where you are engaging with your customers, the message is always the same.

  • Develop solutions to customer pain points

    Digital content should solve problems, not create them. Using the information we collect about your users, our goal is to create solutions to help them interact with your business in a positive way.

  • Create a compelling story

    Most importantly, we are storytellers. We want to engage with your user on a personal level to ensure that they feel comfortable with your brand and put trust in your products and services. Telling a story through digital content will help build this trust.



Lastly, we produce motion graphics, social media campaigns and interactive experiences to tell your story.

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  • Develop content for multiple platforms

    Our refined list of services can help you build a digital marketing kit ranging from motion graphics to interactive websites and everything in between. We are a one stop shop providing you with a complete package of digital content.

  • Design a deployment schedule

    Timing is everything. We will work with your team to develop a deployment schedule in line with key milestones to ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

  • Tell the world your story

    It’s your time to shine, and we are glad we were part of the journey. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools necessary to successfully grow your business and tell your story.

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